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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves...

Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

It’s the beginning of February, and it’s safe to say we’re finally out of the mud.  November to the end of January for us can be pretty hectic.  We have the holiday deadlines pushing us anxiously along, and then a quick break before we’re rushing back and playing catch up.  Good thing we love what we do!  THREE SALT, regardless of the season, is a haven of creativity and collaboration for our team members.  As a small team, we’re glad to be growing roots in the beautifully sunny city of Huntington Beach and connecting with more of the community as we transform beautiful spaces in this city and the surrounding areas.   So, with a new year waiting for no one, and some great new branding to start the year strong, we’d like to reintroduce ourselves! 


Hi! from THREE SALT!


I’m Lindsay!

The co-owner and founder of Three Salt Design Co.  It seemed appropriate to introduce ourselves on our… well.. I’d like to call it blog but honestly, it’s really not.  Blog’s these days have a lot of requirements, and we have so little time to invest in this thing that it’s more like our quarterly… newsletter!  Yea.  Welcome to The Company Newsletter where you can get a pinch of all things Three Salt. Back to me?  I oversee all design project management, usually with Beyonce playing in the background. I’m a huge lover of natural elements and bespoke pieces. I am generally the voice you’ll read on here, giving you the round up and shouting us out. Mostly, showing my gratitude for our close knit team of design babes.


IMG_0895 (1).jpg

This is Alex!

The other (and better) half of our operation, my complete right hand and my total opposite (and not just for the obvious reasons). She co-owns this company and we have had an amazing time building this brand from the ground up - TOGETHER. More than anything, she is a design boss! She handles our construction processes and oversees the operations. She’s sipping a diet coke and being a design genius somewhere as we speak, but you can speak to her and read her voice on our Instagram and Facebook!

Meet Michelle!

With a focus on technical details and custom cabinetry, Michelle is our calm and collected creative. While she finishes her Masters at UCLA, she finds time to be boggled down with our kitchens and bathrooms designs, churning out beautiful renderings and giving our clients the visuals they need. She still finds time, however, to chime in on the end of joke and lend a hand every chance she gets. She’s the thoughtful helper we never knew we needed, but don’t want to do without!



Say Hi to Chanelle!

Our newest addition, Chanelle, is already growing a special space within the THREE SALT team. She’s our design assistant extraordinaire, and has super big style to match those big blue eyes. You’ll see her work displayed in our material selections and trendy flat lays throughout the blog… I mean… newsletter! Don’t try her on the weekend, because she’s probably on airplane mode somewhere soaking up the SoCal sun.

Well that’s all there is to it! We’ll be back… not daily, quite possibly not weekly, but we’ll be back eventually with an update, or a tip, or a project we can’t wait to show you. Thanks for hanging out with us and we hope to see you again soon!