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2019 THREE SALT Goals

The CompanyLindsay Stokes KennedyComment

As the year was coming to a start, I read a lot of blogs and articles about the trends that we want to leave behind. There was a lot of not so nice comments about design concepts that people will forever know and love. So rather than take a negative approach, we want to talk about the 2019 design trends and goals we want to take on!

Trend #1 - THREE SALT will commit to being consistently creative!

We know how easy it is to get into a rut, but this year it is our mission to ensure that we are staying ever inspired by the world around us. Architecture, nature, food, fashion, music and more, all lend a hand to how we see beauty.

Trend # 2 - THREE SALT will collaborate with more local artisans

Our industry is full of people looking to churn out quick and easy designs, but we’re in the business of unique and timeless results! So we want to commit to working with more local artisans who are creating from a beautiful place.

Trend #3 - THREE SALT will give back!

We never have enough time on our hands but we want to make sure that when we do, we take a moment to show our appreciation for the world and communities we live in. Spreading love is our thing, and it’s important that we inspire in ways of the heart, as well as the home.

Whoo hoo! We can’t wait to start knocking things off of our list. I hope you have some beautiful plans for the year to start creative, support your community and to give back when you can. Also to keep visiting us here and getting all of your design inspo! We’ll see you soon.